Science advisory board
Senior Vice President, Global Health and Medical Affairs, Xinji Pharmaceuticals

Dr Joe Camar do is a member of the foundation of the American association of physicians. he is currently the senior vice president of global health and medical affairs for new base medicine in the United States. he has held senior management positions in medical affairs for world-renowned pharmaceutical companies such as forest laboratories, Pfizer and wyeth, and is also a member of the board of directors of Scripps America, Mali health organization project and rose month college. Joe Camar do holds a bachelor's degree in biology and a doctor's degree in internal science from the university of Pennsylvania.

Pharma biotech consultants, LLC. co - founder, chief scientific officer

Dr Christian jacques is a senior oncologist with more than 10 years of professional doctor experience and a bachelor's degree in internal science and a doctor's degree in medicine from the Catholic university in luwen, Belgium. At present, he is the co-founder and chief scientific officer of pharmacia biotech consultants, LLC. he was vice president of clinical development of Novartis and vice president of clinical development of new base medicine in the United States. he is responsible for the clinical development of multiple myeloma and holds important positions in Johnson & Johnson company and sanofi company.
Parexel, director of global oncology in medicine

Dr Denis miller is currently the global head of blood and oncology for Parexel medicine. he has held important drug research and development positions in many world-renowned pharmaceutical companies and clinical research institutions, including Hoffmann - la Roche and Johnson & Johnson, and has led research projects in well-known cancer research centers, hospitals and medical centers. Dr Denis miller received his doctorate from Cornell university in the United States. he was a Fulbright scholar at st Mary's school of medicine at the university of London. he also completed medical postgraduate courses and refresher doctor training at the medical center of children's hospital and Harvard medical school, and was certified in pediatrics and pediatric hematology and oncology.
Director, Department of Metabolism and Cancer Susceptibility, National Cancer Institute, USA

Dr James Phang is currently the head of the endocrine department of the National Cancer Institute of the United States, and has conducted research and development work in many other departments, including metabolic research. From 1989 to 1998, Dr. James Phang served as director of nutrition and molecular laboratories, and in 1998 established a new metabolic and cancer susceptibility research and development department, which was merged into a comparative cancer laboratory in 2003. Dr James Phang received his doctor's degree in medicine from the University of Linda in Rome and has a medical clinical training certificate from Stanford University Medical Center.