Clinical Development

At Reistone, we devised our clinical development strategy around three key pillars: Science, People and Process. These key pillars serve as our guiding principles in clinical development.

Pursue the best science: 
We strive to develop a robust portfolio of clinical ready and clinical-stage breakthrough medicines with novel modes of action building on rigorous scientific foundation. We pick the best target for further clinical development based on the most current disease understanding, molecular science and validated pathway to ensure clinical success. We recruited senior clinicians, scientists and world class experts as our advisors to help build a strong pipeline based on solid scientific foundations. 

Empowered passionate people:  
Reistone believes that people are the most valuable asset for the company. We are not only looking to recruit the best talent in clinical development, and clinical trial operations, but also those that are passionate about clinical science and development. Reistone has built a strong clinical development team with highly capable and rich clinical development experience in both global and China clinical trials. The majority of the team members have experience working in various multi-national companies bringing in high standards and quality of work. With our global and China development expertise, we aim to accelerate medicine development, and bring the best innovative medicines to the world having a positive impact on patient’s lives. 

Streamline processes:
At Reistone we understand the complexity of development strategy and running clinical trials, especially those involving multiple nations, such as US and China. Various countries have different regulations and operational complexity. Reistone has built solid internal processes ensuring seamless and collaborative working across multi-functions. End to end processes are ready to ensure the right development strategy, high quality study design, vendor selection, management, efficient study monitoring and quality assurance, etc. This enables accelerated, high quality and simultaneous multi-national clinical trials delivery and a step closer to bringing the best innovative medicine to the world at the same time.