At Reistone, we devise our clinical development strategy around three key pillars: science, patient and market.

Pursue the best science:
We strive to develop a robust portfolio of discovery, preclinical and clinical-stage breakthrough medicines with novel modes of action building on rigorous scientific foundation.

Empowered passionate people:
Reistone has built a solid and professional team, covering from early discovery till clinical development.

Efficient clinical research capability is critical to the success of medicine development. Reistone has established a highly qualified team with rich experience of medicine development in China and the United States, covering all key aspects of clinical development, such as medicine, registration, clinical pharmacology, clinical operations, statistics and data management. Our clinical development team has successfully operated a number of international multi-center clinical studies all over the world.

Streamline processes:
Reistone has built solid internal processes ensuring seamless and collaborative working across multiple functions. End to end processes are ready to ensure the right development strategy, high quality study design, vendor selection, management, efficient study monitoring and quality assurance, etc.